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Westland Lysander 35cc 1/6 2540mm GP/EP


The Westland Lysander was primarily built as an Army co-operation aircraft but found fame delivering and collecting secret agents (SOE) from France in WWII. Its short take off and landing (STOL) capability, good payload and reasonable turn of speed made it ideal for the role. The Black Horse version is based on the MkIII and the colours scheme mimics a surviving one in the RAF Museum in Hendon. Several are still flying today from the 1800 built. At 100in span she is certainly not a small model, but like all Black Horse models, the ingenious design allows easy rigging and de-rigging so that she will fit in a normal Estate kind of car. The Lysander is a complex aircraft and Black Horse have faithfully kept the general shape of the original. Small changes have been made to suit the needs of a model, especially in the wing mounting area, but this does not detract from the general 'lines' of the aircraft. The wing shape has been adapted very slightly but you would need to look very hard
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