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UHU Super Glue

Pipette 3g Blister

UHU SUPER GLUE - Super Quick with Pipette Extra strong super glue with a pipette applicator. The fine nozzle enables spot-accurate application of the liquid to reach the smallest corners and joints. Safe standing and shock-resistant container. One drop design for spot-accurate application Reaches the smallest corners and joints Safe standing and shock-resistant container Materials: Glues many plastics, porcelain, ceramic, metal, wood, rubber. Not suitable for leather clothing, PE, PP nor styrofoam. Use and Handling Instructions: Surfaces to be stuck together must fit exactly and must be dry and free of dust and grease. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one side. The thinner the film of adhesive, the stronger the bond. Press the parts together immediately and hold in place for a short time. Breathing upon the surfaces to be stuck will speed up bonding. After use, wipe the applicator tip dry and close firmly. Will last longer if stored in a cool place. Content: Pipette/Blister: 3g
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