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T7XC Spakradio

med R334SBS mottagare

Futaba T7XC Stick Radio for Cars & Boats The T7XC was developed for car/boat modellers who want a premium stick style radio. The technology inside is largely based on the well known T7PX with some new features and a stylish new ergonomic shape. The case is made from high quality moulded plastic and finished in a deep satin black, accented by chrome mouldings and switches. The huge 4.3" colour touch screen has a 'transflective' surface for great visibility indoors and outdoors. The touch screen is easy to use and responds quickly to the touch. Using Futaba's fastest technology (T-FHSS SR) the response has a ultra-fast frame rate of 2.45 milliseconds! This new system brings in a locked in feel and response that racers and performance drivers will truly appreciate. The T7XC is also compatible with Futaba T-FHSS, S-FHSS and FASST systems so you can select the preferred transmission system for each vehicle to suit your requirements. With T-FHSS telemetry data can be displayed on the scree
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