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T32MZ Radio FASSTest med R7108SB


Futaba T32MZ Transmitter – 18-Channel Computer System 2-Stick, 18-Channel, FASSTest 2.4 GHz System FASSTest System: The 32MZ transmitter adopted the bidirectional communication system “FASSTest”. Data from the receiver can be checked in your transmitter. FASSTest is a maximum 18 channels (linear 16 channels + switch 2 channels) 2.4 GHz dedicated system. Channel Expansion (Multiprop Function): The multiprop function can be used by using the separately sold multiprop decoder MPDX-1. The multiprop function is a function that divides one channel into eight channels and extends the number of channels. Up to 2 x MPDX-1 can be used, and up to 32 channels can be expanded as follows: Linear channel – 14 channels (2 channels are used by multiprop function) ON/OFF channel – 2 channels Multiprop channel – 16 channels Multiprop channels have the following differences from normal linear channels. The resolution of the multiprop channel is lower than that of the linear channel. Operating multiple
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