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Super TechniPlate olja 3,78L

Super TechniPlate olja 3,78L Pure synthetic bases are blended with 20% BēNOL® Racing Castor Oil. Provides engines the Clean Burn™ quality of Klotz synthetic lubricants along with the exceptional film strength of castor oil. Specifically designed for 2-stroke pre-mix racing engines. Klotz Super TechniPlate® will challenge and outrun the competition. Also available in 1 Quart / 0.95L - #KL100 TechniPlate® lubricity system for superior film strength and anti-scuff protection Extreme load carrying capacity to eliminate engine wear Clean Burn™ technology reduces carbon residue build-up Contains familiar Klotz Red for easy mixing - Smells Like Klotz Degummed formula reduces ring sticking Blends with gasoline, E-85, methanol alcohol and nitromethane Will blend with Klotz Original TechniPlate®, Klotz Lite TechniPlate® and Klotz BéNOL Racing Castor Content: 1 gallon / 3.78L
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