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Super Scorpion EPO 70mm

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The Rochobby Super Scorpion has a larger 2845-2750KV motor, 70A Heavy duty ESC, digital metal gear servos, and runs on a 4S 2200mAh LiPo pack. Yes, this Super Scorpion is extremely fast and agile. It has fantastic speed and great flight characteristics right out of the box. The 70mm Super Scorpion EDF jets are some of the most entertaining jets out there and this one tops them all. Built from durable EPO foam and using nylon hinges which are superior to a foam hinge make it soar like a rocket. Hand launching and belly landing continues to be a breeze.One year in the making, the FMS Super Scorpion features the following innovations: Pre-assembled fuselage, no glue required Speeds in excess of 120MPH. High visibility paint scheme Ball-joint pushrods prevent any play in the control surfaces Highly efficient 12-bladed fan Large battery bay for extended flight times.
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