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Snabbkoppling MPC G1/8 med 2st Hankopplingar

Quick release in-line coupler with G1/8 BSP threads and built-in MPC (Micro Pressure Control) function so you can fine-adjust the incoming air at the base of your airbrush. Makes it very easy to disconnect your airbrush when cleaning it or when changing to another airbrush. Micro Pressure Control Nob Includes two male adapters (for two airbrushes) G1/8 male & female BSP threads Fits: Hobbynox Airbrush Mini Air Filter (HN013-00) Hobbynox Braided Airbrush Hoses (all of them) Hobbynox FLOW-BF Airbrush Hobbynox FLOW-TF Airbrush Hobbynox TARA Airbrush Plus most of Iwata®, Harder & Steenbeck® and many more airbrushes that has G1/8 threads It does NOT fit: Aztek, Badger or Thayer & Chandler airbrushes etc
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