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Snabbkoppling G1/8 med 2st Hankopplingar

Quick release in-line coupler with G1/8 BSP threads makes it very easy to disconnect your airbrush when cleaning it or when changing to another airbrush. Includes two male adapters (for two airbrushes) G1/8 BSP male & female threads Fits: Hobbynox Mini Air Filter Hobbynox Braided Airbrush Hoses (all of them) Hobbynox FLOW-BF Airbrush Hobbynox FLOW-TF Airbrush Hobbynox TARA Airbrush Plus most of Iwata®, Harder & Steenbeck® and many more airbrushes that has G1/8 threads It does NOT fit: Aztek®, Badger® or Thayer & Chandler® airbrushes etc
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