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SkyRC MC3000

Laddare 11-18V/4A

UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER & ANALYZER The World's Most Joyful Round Battery Charger The creation of this product arose from the desire to finally have a charger as versatile, accurate and powerful as a SkyRC hobby charger but tailored to a sweet battery tray for cylindrical single cell batteries; no more hassle with battery holders, fiddly wiring, clamps or similar DIY solutions. Multi-Chemistry Support 7+ battery chemistries Support 42+ battery sizes Powerful and Accurate NiMH / NiCd / NiZn / Eneloop: Charge current: Max. 3A (x4 slots) Discharge current: Max. 2A (x4 slots) Internal Accuracy** (calibrated w/ accurate calibration source) Voltage: < |±2mV| Current: < |±2mA| Li-Ion / LiLo4.35 / LiFe-P04: Charge current: Max. 3A (x4 slots) Discharge current: Max. 2A (x1 slot) Max. 1A (x4 slots) Display Resolution Voltage: 0.01V Current: 0.01A Effective Cooling The built-in aluminum cooler effectively dissipates heat generated in the inside of the charger to the environment, even at slow fa
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