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Rudder, elevator and spoilers – that's all you need to enjoy model glider flying. Based loosely on the models of the R.E.S. (Rudder, Elevator, Spoiler) class, which are rapidly gaining popularity for competition and general flying, the “Skippy” is our contribution to the genre. No matter whether you intend to bungee-launch the model from a flat field, take it along to the slope as a means of sniffing out thermals, the “Skippy” will always be your faithful friend when you need a little low-key model flying. Incidentally, these attributes also make it ideal for initial pilot training. Some call this rediscovered style of model flying “back to the roots”, weekend flying, traffic calming or the retro-wave, but we simply call it laid-back flying, with a model which is easy to assemble, requires no more than simple equipment, and is nevertheless straightforward to fly, with a fine performance.
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