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Sbach 342 35cc 2000mm GP/EP


Black Horse Sbach 342 - 27% Scale Glow and EP ALL BALSA – PLYWOOD CONSTRUCTION COVERED WITH ORACOVER SPECIFICATION: Wingspan: 2000 mm Length: 1890mm Weight: 5.5–5.7kg Wing area: 79.3 dm2 Wing loading: 69.36g/dm2 Wing type: Naca Airfoil Servo mount: 42x21 mm Gear type: Aluminium Hi-grade for main gear and tail gear (included) Parts listing required (not included): Radio: 6 channels Servo: 6 servos (HV High torque steel gear servo) Engine: 33–35 cc gas Motor: Brushless outrunner 2500–3200W, 250KV Propeller: Suit with your engine Recommended Motor and Battery set up (not included): Motor: RIMFIRE 1.60 LiPo cell: 12 cells 4,000-5,500 mAh Receiver battery: 6-7.4V/ 1200-2200 mAh ESC: 80–100A
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