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Saito 62CL

with muffler

For decades, Saito engines have been a mainstay in local flying circles and control line world championship events. Until now, these engines required significant modification to be converted for control line functionality. Leave it to the 4-stroke experts to design purpose-built engines for the control line crowd. At the heart of this advancement are an ultra lightweight muffler and a specially designed control line venturi system which, with simple inserts, allow modelers to adjust the venturi size to suit their particular application. Now you can purchase a brand new engine with the CL venturi already installed Rec. Prop 12x6''-12x8'' Bore Ø [mm] 26,2 RPM [1/min] 2000-11500 Displacement [cm³] 10,2 Weight [g] 418 Stroke [mm] 19 Crankshaft [mm] 7x1 Cylinder Type AAC Power [PS] 1
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