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MIG 29 - 90mm EDF 1420mm


Black Horse MIG-29 90mm EDF ARTF The Mig 29 was the last of the modern era fighters not to use computer stabilisation. Just like the real one, this Mig 29 really ‘grooves’ around the sky with serious authority. The complex balsa and ply structure wraps around two 90 mm EDF power units of your choice (not included) to provide serious thrust. She is compact enough to transport by just removing the wing panels, so there is no need to disturb any of the electronics and she assembles fast when you get to the field. Retracts are not included, but CNC scale oleo legs are. SCALE 1/8 ARF EDF 90MM Covered with pre-printed heatshrink film Designed for electric retracts (Not included) CNC Oleo Legs included Balsa/Ply construction using advanced CNC techniques
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