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Lo 100

2,8m klassisk aerobatic seglare

The full-size sailplane was of all-wood construction, and first took to the air in the early 1950's. It was the successor to the legendary LO105. At that time the prototype had a wingspan of about ten metres, and was capable of airspeeds up to just on 300 km/hr. The model is drawn up to a scale of around 1 : 3.57 and, like the original machine, is fully aerobatic. The airfoil employed makes the model ideal for slope and thermal flying alike. The unmistakable distinguishing feature of the LO100 is its capacious fuselage, which is supplied in the kit as a GRP moulding. The wing and tail panels are of wood construction, based on CNC-machined parts, and sheeted with balsa. Frakt: OBS Skrymmandepris tillkommer
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