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Ka 6E

3,6m klassisk seglare

The full-size Ka6E sailplane was produced by the Schleicher factory. The machine is of all-wood construction, and by 1970 it was the last type still being built using this method. The machine was developed as a high-performance glider, and more than 400 examples remain in airworthy condition to this day. The Ka6E is also known as the Rhönsegler. The kit for our model is based on a GRP fuselage and a set of wooden parts for the built-up flying surfaces. A large canopy moulded in clear plastic is also included. Although the Ka6E was originally designed and optimised for high performance, it remains an extremely good-natured model. The glider was always intended primarily for low airspeeds, and its outstanding features are its tight circling ability and good rate of climb in thermals. Kit contents: Large GRP fuselage offering ample space for interior fittings (e.g. optional retractable wheel), large clear moulded canopy, set of machine-cut and laser-cut wooden parts, twin-blade aluminium
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