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He111 1750mm EP Lev. 1 - 2 d Lagar


HEINKEL HE 111 - EP/GP INCLUDED RETRACT LANDING GEAR ALL BALSA – PLYWOOD CONSTRUCTION COVERED IN A HEAT-SHRINK FILM WITH PRINTED GRAPHICS The Heinkel He 111 was designed in the early 1930's in violation of the Treaty of Versailles pretending it was developed as a transport aircraft. The He111 provided the Luftwaffe with a fast medium weight bomber and was probably Germanys most well known bomber sing action in many theatres of WW2. Faithfully recreated by Black Horse with laser cut balsa and ply parts that have been lovingly assembled at the factory in multiple jigs by highly skilled workers. The result is a strong, yet amazingly light, airframe that helps dramatically to make flying a pleasurable experience. Just look at the quality of the workmanship to see what we mean! The distinctive 'greenhouse' nose houses a full front cockpit that been pre-painted (including full a length pilot) keeping your work to a minimum. The He111 is supplied capable of both electric or IC power but as
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