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The outstanding feature of this high-performance electric glider is its superb performance in the air. The three-part wing features the airfoil combination E 193 / RG15, and is designed for thermal flying, i.e. relatively low airspeeds. The aeroplane’s outstanding inherent stability and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for the experienced pilot who wants a model for those “calm evening sessions”, as well as the beginner to model aircraft who is keen to make some real progress in the hobby. The model is highly manoeuvrable, and handles tight turns and landing approaches with aplomb. The power system can be anything from a simple, cheap electric motor to a high-performance power plant. The kit contains: White-pigmented GRP fuselage, ready-made three-part wing covered in Oracover, comprehensive building instructions and all essential accessories (excl. power system) required to complete the model.
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