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Fairey Albacore .75 1693mm GP/EP


Black Horse FAIREY ALBACORE Glow and EP ALL BALSA – PLY WOOD CONSTRUCTION. COVERED IN A HEAT-SHRINK FILM WITH PRINTED Black Horse has a long tradition of offering slightly unusual scale subjects and the Albacore is certainly a good case in point. There has never been an R/C kit or ARTF of an Albacore before but that was just a challenge to Black Horse. After all, who wants to just be part of the crowd? The Albacore was originally supposed to be a replacement for the Swordfish but it never really achieved that, being rapidly overtaken by new monoplanes. It was however, quite a bit more crew friendly with a fully enclosed, heated cockpit. A nice feature appreciated in the cold Atlantic weather. Like all Black Horse models, the Albacore is constructed in their unique jig assembly system from carefully chosen and machined balsa and ply parts. Most are laser cut.Black Horse have some clever ways of making balsa follow complex shapes! That huge, GRP cowl is carefully painted to match th
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