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Electric Motor 1806/25

by Arrowind

Quick Overview Our lightest motor. Only 18 grams, you may want to extend the nose for balance. Use with 2S x 450 battery, 1/2A ESC and FM-Oe timer for .020-.049 sized applications. Equipped with 3.5mm bullet connectors. KV=1650 No. of cells 2-3x Li-Poly RPM/V 1650 Current capacity 10 A/60 s Dimensions (dia. x length) 23 x 18mm Stator Dimensions 18 x 6mm Shaft diameter 3 mm Weight: 0.6 oz. (18g) Recommended model weight: 7.0 oz. (200g) Recommended prop: 6x4 or 5x5 Works well with the following Brodak kits: Swordsman 18, F-82 Twin Mustang, Lil Wizard & Basic Trainer.
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