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Bucker BU 131 Jungmann 1.20 1850mm GP/EP


Black Horse BUCKER BU 131 JUNGMANN Black Horse have done a stunning job in re-creating the classic lines of the German Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann. This classic biplane served as a mainstay in pilot training due to its benign flying chrematistics and excellent aerobatic performance. This Black Horse recreation is made from CNC cut balsa and ply on accurate jigs to ensure each model is lightweight, straight and true. The structure is then covered with high quality Oracover iron-on film in the classic yellow Swiss training scheme. The cowling is made from lightweight fibreglass and pre-painted to match. The rigging is been kept simple and the wings are built strong enough that only struts are necessary, saving value time at the field when assembling. The aluminium undercarriage is tough and includes extra scale bracing for a realistic look. Ground handling is easy thanks the steerable rear tail wheel. Built for electric, glow or petrol power the Bu 131 is extremely versatile and pract
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