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B6 Nano Duo Laddare 2-6S

240VAC 2X100W

SkyRC Smart B6 Nano Duo Charger This product is suitable for charging and discharging of LiFe/ Lilon/ LiPo/ LiHV/ NiMH/ NiCd/ PB batteries. It has protection functions such as input high and low voltage protection and reverse input and output reverse polarity protection. The B6 Nano Duo comes out with the aspiration of developing a charger with tiny body but mighty power which makes charing in racing area more convenient and faster. Features: APP Control, Scan to Go, The features APP Control and Scan to Go bring the user a different but pleasant charging experience. No more scrolling through complex menu, what you see is what you need. Large black screen, active visual size is 72.4*51.4mm, all information at a glance. Capacitive Touch Button B6 nano adpapts touch button, advantages of which are sturdy and durable, quick-responsive and easy operative.Charging is no more rigid. Dual Output B6 Nano Duo allows you to charge two different battery packs simultaneously with XT60 connectors
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